About Reverend Marya OMalley

psychic intuitive medium Reverend Marya OMalley wearing turquoise necklace
psychic intuitive medium Reverend Marya OMalley

I am a psychic intuitive medium, author, mentor, teacher, ordained Inter-faith minister, and now retired chiropractic physician. And as a spiritual coach provide services for all phases of life to transform and celebrate life. I have coached from a spiritual perspective, done readings, married over 500 couples, given memorial services, performed baby blessings and house blessings for over 22 years. I integrate my professional training, master’s degree in human development, 20+ years as an ordained Inter-faith minister, experience as an online educator, and lifelong intuitive abilities.

This combination has led me to develop an approach that is designed to quickly get to the heart of the matter whether I am doing readings, teaching, mentoring, creating a wedding / life event, or coaching. Although I come from a realistic and spiritual perspective, I bring a happy heart and sense of humor to my days and my interactions. I believe that we are all radiant eternal souls and that is worth celebrating!


My fulfillment grows with the success of my clients. It comes with readings that lead to clarity and understanding. It comes with uniting couples, blessing babies, remembering lives well-lived, teaching, and writing. I love to help people to learn and lead happier, more conscious lives in connection with the Divine. That is what I mean by saying that the cornerstones of my work include “support for real life and soul evolution in natural connection with the Divine.”

Spiritual Practice

Through the years I have studied and practiced a number of forms of meditation. These include reflective meditation in nature since childhood, mantra meditation, guided meditation including facilitating group guided meditation since 1994, Quantum and Sacred Healing Meditation, and following the breath meditation. I have found that there are many ways to engage in spiritual practice that will fit in with even a busy lifestyle. Among them are prayer, journaling, blessing, movements, and postures in addition to meditation. I studied and tried different approaches until I came up with what worked for me.

Earlier in my life I was inconsistent in spiritual practice. I had thoughts that it takes too much time, it is too hard to learn, it takes years to do it “right”, and it is too complicated. I entertained most of those excuses until I was able to understand that it can be simple and easily part of my day. 

I was inspired to write a book about spiritual practice and the Divine for two reasons. One, I wanted to examine and express what I really believe. Much of what had been mulling about in my mind was vague and unexpressed. And two, I wanted to share how spiritual practice can take many different forms and we can choose what works for us. My book, You Are Simply Divine:  Simple Spiritual Practices for Divine Connectivity, is the result.  Our Divinity is not something that we find because it is us all along. It is something that we uncover as we come to know our true nature; spiritual practices help us to do just that.

My Mission

My mission is to activate a deep soul remembrance within that you are simply Divine to help you more fully integrate spiritual life with every day life.

Marya OMalley with spiritual teacher Marissa Ryan
Marissa Ryan, left, and Marya OMalley, right


I have deep love and gratitude for my spiritual teachers including:

Marissa Ryan – Psychic intuitive medium, psychic investigator, certified research medium with the Windbridge Institute, paranormal and afterlife expert, featured on the Travel channel and Open Mind TV, guest on Coast-to-Coast with George Norry radio show, and in featured in documentaries on mediumship and the unexplained.

Venus Andrecht – psychic, radio personality, and author of God is Always Happy and The Herb Lady’s Guide

Sandra Anne Taylor – Psychologist, quantum life coach, intuitive, Hay House radio personality, internationally known speaker, and author of New York Times best-sellers Quantum Success and Truth, Triumph and Transformation

Faculty, The New Seminary, NYCan Inter-Faith seminary accredited by SUNY of NY state

Suzanne Giesemann  a highly recognized evidentiary medium and author of 11 books including New York Times best-selling Messages of Hope

      Tony Stockwell and Marya

Tony Stockwell – Tony had unusual experiences as a child. He has spent most of his life helping others to realize that consciousness continues after physical death and love never dies. He has brought comfort and solace to thousands of people throughout the world. He is an instructor at Arthur Findlay College in Standsted Hall, U.K. and has his own Soul Space in Essex. He has had his own T.V. series and has appeared on various T.V. and radio shows. I have worked with him personally here in the U.S. and continue to study with him.

Sonia Choquette – psychic and best-selling author of several books including,Trust Your Vibes Grace, Guidance and Gifts

And Others Family, friends, school teachers, and those who have challenged me.  All have given me so much.

Helping You Connect with the Divine

My Services

I provide soul services for all phases of life from weddings, baby blessings, house blessings and memorials to mentoring, coaching, and readings for times of challenge, transition and growth. All this for life in natural connection with Divine Love and Wisdom.

Spiritual Support


Weddings and Vow Renewals

Life Transitions