An Equation for Unqualified Happiness

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Have you ever heard someone say something like, “The vacation was great, but towards the end I was bored,” or “The salon did a fabulous job on my hair, but I am so bad at doing anything with it myself.” ?

Put a period after it.

“The vacation was great.”

“The salon did a fabulous job on my hair.”

By putting a period after a declaration of pleasure, happiness, or satisfaction, it is an unqualified statement. What we say has an effect on how we experience and remember things.

Maybe you have added a diminishing qualification to an otherwise positive declaration. Give it a try, say a statement about some enjoyable experience you have had and add a downer qualification to it. Then say the same statement and put a period after the positive part. 

How do the two versions compare? How did they feel? Were your thoughts and memories of a different quality when saying one as opposed to the other?

By letting your appreciation run free without qualification, you will experience more feelings and memories of pleasurable satisfaction. Period = Unqualified Happiness. Period.