Butterflies, Anxiety, and Sensory Overload

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Lizz Naughton, Energy Healer, has shared some holistic remedies that we can use to help our kids and ourselves navigate “butterflies in the stomach”, anxiousness and overwhelm.

Back to School 101

Breathing for stress reduction – would you believe something as simple as focused breathing will reduce stress and help regain focus? This is great for grounding too. This relaxing breath technique is beneficial

* When you are emotionally upset
* With digestive issues
* In lowering your blood pressure
* For anxiety and stress

Breathing Technique for Stress and Anxiety

You can start either sitting, lying down, or while walking:

* Place the tongue behind the teeth on the soft tissue just behind the teeth. If you are hitting the roof of your mouth, you’ve gone too far.
* Breathe in through the nose for 4 counts
* Hold the breath for 7 counts
* Exhale the breath through your mouth, making a sound as you exhale for 8 counts
* Repeat the process for a total of 4 cycles

You will be amazed how good you feel after the 4th cycle! Click here to link to her newsletter for more helpful tips like “grounding thump”.


Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.