Create Your Theme for the Year in 3 Simple Steps

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2017 promises to be a year of positive possibility. It is a 1 year numerologically and that means new beginnings. I have been creating a theme for each year. This year my theme is, “I relax into my power.” What might your theme be? If you don’t have a quick answer, here is my 3-step process for creating your own theme for the year.

Before we start, I want to encourage you to be flexible. One of my friends has a professional/career theme and a personal theme. If you are for example, graduating in May, you might want to have a theme for the whole year and a sub-theme for after your graduation.

Here’s my “Theme in 3 Simple Steps” process:

  1. Look within. First, is there anything that you want to release, something that no longer serves you? an old habit that isn’t working for you? an attitude that isn’t you anymore? Make two columns. In the left-hand column write those down. In the right-hand column write your positive intentions for releasing whatever it is you have written in the left column. Now consciously shred, burn, or delete and empty the recycle icon on your computer of this first page as a demonstration that you have released what no longer serves you. Secondly, start a new page. Spend some time reflecting on how you would like to fill in the blank in the following statement (create as many statements as you desire):

I am manifesting [fill in the blank] in my life now.

These are my statements:

I am manifesting leisure in my life now.
I am manifesting my true self in my life now.
I am manifesting clear understanding of, experience of, and feelings of relaxed personal power in my life now.
I am manifesting readings, mentoring, weddings and life events in my life now.
I am manifesting writing in my life now.
I am manifesting doing what I love in my life now.

2. Look at your statements. You will notice a theme running through them. Write it down. Read it out loud. Tweak it until it feels right.

Can you see how my theme, “I relax into my personal power,” emerged from the statements that I wrote down? My theme is personal to me in ways that you may not know at first glance. For a long time I gave what I did for others a priority in my life. Raising a family, running a practice, volunteering often held most of my attention. Now that I am entering a new phase of my life, relaxing into my personal power, is a strong statement to make and it feels right.

My theme this year is less specific than some I have created in the past. That’s OK. It fits my intention to shift my focus to the things that I love as a spiritual mentor, author, intuitive, and wedding/life-event minister. I will be retiring from full-time practice. Your theme might be more specific than mine or not. Your theme should fit your intentions.

3. Create some affirmations that support your theme. For example:

The Universe fully supports my intentions to relax into my power as I move from one phase of my life to another.
I honor my intentions and I trust myself.
What I focus on increases. I focus on my positive intentions only and move forward.
Read or recite your theme and affirmations at least twice daily. Make it part of your routine. Some people post them of the bathroom mirror, on the desk at work, carry them in their pocket or purse…wherever and however, you choose how your theme will come alive.

Remember, you are simply Divine,
Marya OMalley

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