Embodiment – It’s a Spiritual Thing

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Recently I  decided to check in on my chakras and do a balancing and energizing of them. It had been well over a year since I had done this. (I know, I am supposed to be on top of these things. I am trained in caring for my chakras and helping others to do the same.) I hadn’t realized how long it had been until I was into the  process. I was shocked to find that my chakras were dull and for lack of a better description, withered. No wonder I had been feeling disconnected from my heart and for quite some time wasn’t experiencing that lovely feeling of being in tune with the Universe! 2020 and 2021 were something of a blur. Maybe they were for you too.

It came to me that the reason for my lack-luster chakras was that I had done it myself. I didn’t understand this consciously. I did it without awareness. I had partially shut down as an effort to avoid connection with the outside world. Why? It wasn’t in order to disconnect from people or the world itself. It was to shut out co-vid. I know that makes no logical sense.

Somehow in the cloud of it all, other than physical self-care and all the extra precautions to stay healthy, including cleaning all the grocery packages and other items with alcohol, wearing mask and gloves everywhere,  I had forgotten to take care of my energetic system. I had continued prayer, intermittent meditation, and study but it wasn’t complete self care. Embodiment is not to be neglected, I discovered! 
Have you inadvertently done the same? If so, consider brightening up your chakras, get them energized again. After I cleared, brightened up, and energized my chakras I felt so much better, lit up, and connected. The soul is grateful for the body. Embodiment makes possible the soul’s incarnate experience.

You might already have a way that you balance and brightened your chakras. If you want to learn, there are books on the subject and videos on YouTube. An energetic healer could assist you as well, or book a chakra balancing session with me. (See more details here, scroll down to “Chakra Balancing – Spring Refresh“.)