Imagining, Visualizing, and Creating

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We think that imagination is “unreal” yet without imagination there would be no creations. That’s right, no fashions, no books, no houses, no nothing. Imagine that!


Applied Imagination is Essential to Creation

My images (visualization), ideas (thoughts), sounds (within the mind), etc.

must eventually make their way to paper, canvas, a computer screen, photographs, musical instruments, or three dimensional materials. Then my ideas become – wall-lah! – reality. It is as simple as that.


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Here’s How to Create a Bridge between Your Ideas and Reality

  1. Let your thoughts expand. Entertain even wild ideas. Editing is for later.
  2. Look at the ideas that get your attention as possibilities. Set aside any that either do not interest you much or seem like too much right now.
  3. Imagine each possibility. When it is reality, how will it look, how will it feel -the texture, temperature etc. of it – what sounds, fragrances, movements are associated with it?
  4. Select one.
  5. Now imagine the heck out of your remaining possibility. Draw it. Cut out magazine photos that remind your of it. Entertain thoughts in your mind as to how it takes shape, step by step…or suddenly comes together. Imagine how you feel as it happens. Write about it. Sing about it. Sleep on it. Dream about it. . . whatever you like to do.
  6. Write down steps to make your idea a reality, a plan of action.
  7. Take those steps; follow your plan.
  8. Persevere. Get the help of others if needed.
  9. Celebrate when it is real!


For 6 changes that will make you more imaginative, see Fast Company’s article.


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Have Fun

The more willing I am to have fun with the process, the more creative I am. How about you? Do you remember a time in which you had fun creating something by yourself or with a group? Bring that fun into your present creative adventures.


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Seize the day!

Imagining is the key to creation. Seize the day and be a creator. If you don’t, default mode will take over. Make your dreams a reality through the powers of fantasy.

Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.