Intuitive Development Circles & 5 Tips for Greater Divine Connection

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Where more than 2 or more are gathered. . .

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Your Divine connection is always there; it is you

The hustle and bustle of life draws attention away from who we truly are and external things can pose as the source of fulfillment. You can shatter that illusion and experience Divine connection.

Divine Communities

Circles are a way to gather with other spiritual explorers, intuitives, healers, and metaphysicians. A circle meets regularly with a shared intention of greater experience of the Divine. I have found that there is nothing more powerful for intuitive development than getting together with others of like mind in a safe and honoring way to learn new tools and practice. Not only does this build confidence, it also helps us to become more aware of our own inner Divine.

Some of the things that circles have generated:

  • deeper dives into what spiritual guidance is and how to be receptive to it.
  • practice and further development of gifts in the intuitive arts.
  • conversation around metaphysics and the mysteries of the universe.
  • new friendships and inspiring connections.


5 Tips for Greater Divine Connection

I found that as well as Divine connections with other like-minded people, these practices bring me to a more sustained state of heart-centered awareness. These tips are meant to help you do the same.


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  1. Give thanks every day for your life and the many blessings that you have. You might even want to include current challenges because these are often our greater teachers.
  2. Whenever you want to center yourself, take 4 deep breathsin to the count of 4, hold to the count of 4, and exhale to the count of 4. Then, if you are able, place your hands on your heart center (center of your chest over the breast bone at heart level) and focus on the core essence of you within your heart. Notice how heart-centered awareness is neutral, peaceful and expansive.
  3. Start a new habit of a simple spiritual practice for just a few minutes a day. For example, bless the other drivers on the road (even if their driving style is not your preference!).
  4. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and let thoughts drift in and out like clouds. If you find yourself latching onto one of them, label it “thought” and then let it go and drift away.
  5. Ask and you shall receive…ask to be present to Divine Love, Wisdom and Light. Then, be open to embodying it. This is the easiest way I know to experience Divine connection more and more. 

Your awareness of Divine Source, the ground of all being, is intimately personal. That is why no one can give you fool-proof formulas. It is a matter of being.  Rather than “doing as a state of being”, doing comes forth from a Divine state of Being when we come from a place of heart-centered awarenessIncredible openings show up. Life appears in a fresh, new Divine way!


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Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.