Invisible Energies

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It has been said that “everything is energy”

Energy is how the Great Consciousness, the ground of all being that many call the Divine/God, expresses itself.  Energy is invisible.

We see a car moving, but do we see the energy that it is using to travel forward? We look at and smell a gallon of gasoline, but the potential energy that it holds cannot be seen, smelled, or felt. We see a lightning bolt; yet we don’t actually see its tremendous energy.


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Invisible energies are the matrix or blueprint of humans

. . .other living things, and all the universe. Metaphysics deals with that matrix and its origins.


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You are already familiar with metaphysics! That is because it has to do with concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, dimensions, time, and space. It is considered to be a branch of philosophy.

Metaphysics is the study of the invisible reality underlying life. It deals with the first, original cause of all things and so it has to do with energy too.


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What is the Human Energy Field?

There is a field of energy that surrounds and permeates the body known as the human energy field. Compare it to a magnet, although we can’t see it, the magnetic force is there indeed. The human energy field is a differentiated part of the greater Universal energy.

People have been working with the human energy field since ancient times. Egypt, China, India, Tibet, and Japan are among places where sages and ordinary people studied and worked with subtle energies.

Modern Kirlian photography and aura photography are examples of attempts to demonstrate the human energy field. Science has developed instruments to measure it. Just a short time ago only those working in the not-so-mainstream psychic area were discussing the possibility of doing so. In his book, Psychoenergetic Science (2007), William A. Tiller discusses the subject at length. This article talks about measuring the human energy field.


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Anyone can work with the unseen!

It is the nature of energy to be constantly moving.

Sometimes energy slows down like water that is stagnated. Energy clearings help to free up energy to help life flow again. There are ways to free up your own energy as well as get help from someone.

If you work with someone who is trained in the field of subtle energy, keep in mind that you might feel much better, but must yourself tend to your energy well-being in order to continue the change.

I learned how to do something called “energy mojos” that direct the energy of happy thoughts and feelings to the recipient. It is like your own metaphysical support team adding to the creative momentum that can help you keep rolling in a more balanced energetic state.



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Energy Activation

Every physical issue has a subtle energy component. Because of this, every person that works in a physical healing field is in a sense an “energy healer”. The meridians (think acupuncture) and chakras (think energy organs) are just two of the many aspects of our human energy field that figure into our vitality.

Activating the subtle energy of the human energy system is done to remove blocks to energy flow. This stimulates the body’s inherent abilities to balance and to heal itself.

Cyndi Dale has written a number of books on the subject of subtle energy and the human energy field. You can find her here.

Do Animals Have Energy Fields Too?

Yes, they do. And according to animal communicator, Dana Dvorak, they have something called the “key” chakra that humans do not have. It has to do with the skeleton.

Our Visible World is Sustained by Invisible Energies

It is exciting to contemplate energy and how it manifests. In The Psychics of the Soul, Dr. Amit Goswami discusses how what shows up in our world is affected by our observation of it (I know it sounds complicated). Just simply consider this, consciousness is what is behind all existence . . . not material matter. . . not things. . . consciousness and that is what we are.


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Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.