Attract Prosperity

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Do You Want to Be More Prosperous?

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Do you want to manifest more abundance in your life?  Is it slow in coming?  If so, are you focusing your attention on your imagined limitations rather than on expanding abundance in your life?
How then, can you focus on expanding abundance in your life? This has worked for me:

The Law of Attraction

These steps will re-direct your attention to expansion of prosperity in your life now:

1.  Gratitude – Acknowledge what you are grateful for in your life right now and give thanks. Thankfulness tells the Universe that you are grateful for what you already have.  It establishes a flow of more abundance to you by saying,

“Yes, I do welcome what comes to me”.


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2.  Confirm your desire for expanded abundance in your lifeLike attracts like. I say “expanded” abundance in your life because if you have food, clothing, shelter, and loved ones, you already have a good measure of abundance in your life! 

The Law of Attraction tells us that “like attracts like”. It doesn’t mean that I have to be a millionaire to become a millionaire. It means that gratitude for what I have and welcoming even more abundance into my life attracts more of it.

On the other hand, if I am affirming how little I have compared to a millionaire and feeling angry about it, I will likely attract more financial struggle and more anger.

Think about it, if you encounter someone in the grocery store who gives you an angry look and delivers a nasty comment your way, are you attracted to that person? Of course not!

The Law of Attraction works that way too! The Universe is ready to provide more so let that “more” be what you truly desire.


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3.  Have some specifics in mind that demonstrate your expanded abundance.  For example: a vacation, travel to visit loved ones, a burgeoning business, ample time for mixed martial arts training, and money in the bank to cover 3 months of expenses. It can be a list of things and you can add to it as new visions come to you! The Universe is at work for you. Tell it what you want more of, what you do want.


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4.  Engage your imagination and your senses in projecting how expanded abundance will feel to you.  How does it feel to travel to new places or visit family and old friends?  How do you look, move, and experience physical and mental confidence as you gain knowledge and skills in your mixed martial arts training.? How does it feel to have that money in the bank?   


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5.  Replace old patterns with new positive patterns.  Neuroscience shows us that patterns are repeated firings of neurons in specific sequences.  It is much easier to trigger an existing pattern than to create a new one.


For example, you would love to play your favorite songs on the piano. All you can do, however, is just plunk a few keys. You decide to take action and have piano lessons. You practice 5 days out of the week.  Then you can sit down and play a favorite song freely. You have established the pattern of how to play the song on the piano. 


The more you practice and play, the more easily it goes as you add to your repertoire.  Repeat your affirmations of expanded abundance daily and often to reinforce abundant thinking patterns.


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6.  Engage in daily spiritual practice.  Stay connected with the true one source of your very being and of all abundance, the Divine.  Invite Divine Flow of abundance to you.


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Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.