Celebrating the Life of Your Departed Loved One

At a time when decisions need to be made quickly, you can call on me to be there for you to discuss plans for funeral and memorial services. I can help you decide what type of service to have, how to include others in the service if desired, and create meaningful options.

Choosing an Appropriate Ceremony

Answering these questions can help you select a ceremony.

  • Is the funeral or memorial service different when there is a cremation vs. burial?
  • How can we include readings or messages from those attending the service?
  • What are the main elements of a funeral or memorial service?

I am available to answer these questions and any others that you may have.

To contact me, please email me at connect@maryaomalley.com or schedule a call at no obligation. I will respond as quickly as possible.

You may also find the Helpful Resources provided on this page helpful in making your selection.

Differences Between Cremation & Burial Services

Funeral and cremation services differ slightly in wording and the order of service. With funerals, loved ones view the departed and then proceed to a graveside service at a cemetery. With cremations, the body may be prepared for viewing before cremation is carried out.

After cremation, graveside services, subject to state law and cemetery guidelines, are held. Alternatively, a memorial service may be held after the ashes are buried, scattered, or retained in a funeral urn, according to the departed's wishes, if known.

Helpful Resources

Funeral & Memorial Service Checklist

You may download and print this checklist to prepare for a funeral or memorials service.

Recommended Readings

You may find these readings about loss and grieving helpful.

Necessary Losses, by Judith Viorst

Beyond Grief: A Guide for Recovering from the Death of a Loved One, by Carol Staudacher

Waking Up Alone: Grief and Healing, by Julie K. Cicero, MSW

Surviving the Death of a Sibling: Living Through Grief when an Adult Brother or Sister Dies, by T. J. Wong

Living with Grief: Before and After Death, by Kenneth J. Doka

A number of children's books about losing a friend, parent, grandparent, sibling, adult relative, friend, or acquaintance provide helpful guidance for children. Check your local bookstore or Amazon.com for titles.