Make Your Home a Welcoming Place

white country cottage surrounded by treesHouse blessing is an ancient tradition. Your home reflects your inner life and can affect how your feel. A home can be a welcoming place to nourish the body, enjoy life, laugh, love, rest and be renewed. Whether only one person lives in a home or many, a house blessing is a way to invite life-loving energy into your home and bless the space with love, happiness, harmony, comfort, and prosperity. Your home should be a welcoming and warm haven for you, your family, and friends.

Today many people choose to have a house blessing when they move into a new place. Whether this is a rental or a place that you own, a house blessing can symbolize clearing away the residue of those who you lived there before you and setting your intention for your life in your new home.

House blessings are also requested by people who already live in a place when they want to set the tone for:

  • A new roommate, spouse, or child when they move into the house
  • Refreshing positive energy
  • Beginning a new phase of life or a new way of life
  • Renewal after an illness
  • A couple wishing to improve the dynamics of their home life
  • Clearing unpleasant or unwelcoming feelings that seem to relate to the home or its former occupants
  • Selling the property
  • Inviting fresh energy into the home after clearing clutter

You can choose to do a house blessing on your own or invite someone like me to perform a house blessing. It can be a small affair up to a large gathering of family members and/or friends that you would like to share in the blessing of your home. If you invite others to share in your house blessing, you may want to request that they bring a flower, a special reading, prayer, poem or the like. A house blessing can be a social as well as a spiritual event. I consider it to be a blessing and a celebration.

Before any house blessing, I advise people to de-clutter and clean the home. I also remind people to wash dingy pillows, throws, curtains, blinds, windows, have the carpets cleaned, and so on. Clutter and soil limits your enjoyment of your home. Clearing the clutter and cleaning creates room for a more positive frame of mind.

Other things you can choose to do to prepare for your house blessing:

  • Re-arrange the furniture
  • Put some drops of sage essential oil in a spray bottle and spritz the house
  • Get fresh flowers
  • Improve the lighting
  • Play music that reflects how you wish your home to be
  • Paint the front door
  • Buy a new welcome mat
  • Walk through each room and think of your intention for each room

Schedule a call to inquire about a home blessing.

Steps to Prepare for Your House Blessing

  1. Write down answers to these questions:

Do I want to have my house blessing follow a certain tradition?

Are there special readings or passages that I would like to include in my house blessing?

Do I want to include people who live elsewhere in the blessing? If yes, make a list.

Will this be a simple spiritual ritual or include a social aspect after the blessing, such as a dinner, dancing, etc.?

What is my intention for the house blessing in general? What is my intention for each room or area of my home?

How do I want my home to feel? How do I want people to feel when they come to visit my home?

Do I need extra help with de-cluttering and cleaning before the house blessing?

Do I want someone to perform my house blessing?  If so, get this scheduled.

2. Create a prep list, for example:

___ Schedule a house blessing date

___ Make an invitation list and invite

___ De-clutter and clean

___ Rearrange the furniture

___ Select music

___ Get candles

___ Buy fresh flowers

___ Get beverages

___ Make/buy hors d’oeuvres

  1.  Enjoy!

If you are curious about how various religious traditions do a house blessing, see my blog.

To schedule or inquire about a house blessing, contact me by email with house blessing in the subject line or call or text: 505-318-2128. I am happy to answer your questions as you consider your options for a house blessing! My fees are modest and my love of performing house blessings is great.