Prayers In Your In-Box, On the Phone, or Online

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Prayer Circle the 11th of Each Month at 11:11 am

On the 11th of each month I will be praying for those in the prayer circle and on my prayer list. I will pray for the highest good, healing, happiness, well-being, and abundance. Your intention will include you in the prayer circle, no need to sign-up. This is at 11:11 am in your time zone. Spirit is not limited by time or distance. If you would like a reminder of the prayer circle, email with "Reminder Prayer Circle" in the subject line.

Phone App for Prayer

The Unity spiritual community provides the UPray app free of charge on  iTunes and Google Play.

Phone Lines for Prayer

Call the numbers below to reach a live person or leave a message 24 hours a day.

Silent Unity (816) 969-2000

Agape Prayer Ministry (310) 348-1270

Online Prayer

Silent Unity provides online prayer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To request a prayer, visit Silent Unity and complete a prayer request form. Also Agape takes online prayer requests,

These services are free, but donations are welcome.

Freeing and Healing through Prayer

Sometimes we pray to a God outside of ourselves. It is the God in the midst of us that frees and heals.

Myrtle Filmore

God is the only reality of us; all else is but a shadow that is cast by some foolish belief or unwise combination of thoughts and the elements of being. When we let light flood us with its sunshine, all clouds vanish and we begin to see ourselves in new ways of doing, which lead to wholeness and health and satisfaction and growth. 

~ Myrtle Filmore

A 5-Step Affirmative Prayer Process

(Introduction below excerpted from You Are Simply Divine: A Handbook of Simple Spiritual Practices for Divine Connectivity by Reverend Marya OMalley, Cosmic Snap Publishing, LLC)

In the New Testament Jesus says, "So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24

The foundation of affirmative prayer is "...believe that you have received it." Through your faith you affirm that your desire exists and is already on its way. This form of prayer tends to change the thought pattern in the mind from a place of lack to a place of abundance.

Practice:  Affirmative Prayer

Entering the prayer state:

Take a deep breath through your nose. As you exhale, release your worries, thoughts, and concerns. Inhale again, focusing on your heart center. Affirm, "I am simply Divine" or "I am of God". Exhale, releasing any tension. Repeat as needed.

I find it helpful to place my hands over my heart center as I do this step. Feel free to choose another word or phrase that you feel best for entering your prayer state.

Affirming the Divine Presence:

Affirm, "The Divine flows through everything at all times." Or, "The loving forces of Divine Wisdom support me now."

Recognizing the Divine Presence within you:

Recognize that because The Divine flows through everything at all times, The Divine also flows through each person including you right now and always.

Realizing that you are one with the Divine:

In this step, realize that since The Divine flows through everything and everyone including you at all times, you can acknowledge the truth, for example, "I am one with The Divine and affirm that all that I need for this _____ is available to me now." This acknowledges your true ever-present supply.

Giving thanks:

Give thanks and express gratitude affirming that so it is.


You  have planted the seed, now let it germinate, grow, and bear fruit. Release your prayer with trust that it is already so.