Planning a Simply Divine Year

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Hello Everyone,

I extend my wishes for a simply Divine New Year! A new year calls for plans to move forward. In moving forward we are called to step up to greater spiritual growth. Are you planning to release what no longer serves you and to do more of what you love?

You have likely been experiencing this call to accelerated spiritual growth

…but perhaps it seems as there are fewer results than expected. Especially important to remember is that each act of kindness, of forgiveness, and of loving service has mattered . And will also continue to make a difference no matter how small it seems to you.

The result is not ours to judge or measure when
it comes to expressing Spirit in the world.

This coming year:

· ~ I continue my commitment to teaching deeper connection with your inner Divine light through readings and spiritual intuition development. The emphasis is on being receptive to and following your own spiritual guidance.

· ~ I will help you to weather the storms of life and find peace through meditation, energy clearing and other soul services.

· ~ And, as always, I am here to celebrate every phase of your life and those you love through weddings, baby and house blessings, memorials and funerals.

Each and every one of us is an eternal radiant soul, we are truly holy beings. I am grateful for the possibilities that the promise of  another new year holds. While you look ahead to what comes next, I invite you to create a simply Divine and new year.

Remember, you are simply Divine,

Rev. Marya OMalley