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Simply Divine Guided Meditation


This meditation is from my book, You Are Simply Divine, A Handbook of Simple Spiritual Practices for Divine Connectivity.

This powerful meditation will help you to connect with your Inner Divine. You are a radiant eternal soul of the One Divine Source that always has been and always will be.

Music by Frank Anthony, "Pleasant Dreams" used with permission of NW Hypnosis. 6 min., 07 sec.

Meditations Offer a Personal Retreat

Reverend Marya OMalley meditating on mountain lakeside dock
Reverend Marya OMalley meditating by a mountain lake

Holy Spirit Meditation


Connect with higher consciousness as you experience the light of Divine Love and Wisdom through the Holy Spirit, originally known as the "Advocate" or "Spirit of Truth."

You are guided into this communion accompanied by the uplifting music of Frank Anthony, "Pleasant Dreams," used with permission from NW Hypnosis. 9 min., 44 sec.

Raise Vibrational Frequency


This transformational meditation will raise your vibrational frequency. You will join with other like-minded souls as this powerful loving and healing energy is directed throughout the world.

You are uplifted through guided meditation and the inspiring music of Frank Anthony, "Pleasant Dreams," used with permission NW Hypnosis. 11 min., 03 sec.

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