Help Your Life Flow Again

flowing water, sun peeking through clouds
The nature of energy -- a constant flow

It has been said that “everything is energy” including the ground of being that many call the Divine/God. It is the nature of energy to be constantly moving. Within us, however, sometimes energy becomes slowed down like water that is stagnated.

I do energy clearings that help to clear the stagnated energy to help your life flow again.

Energy mojos then direct the energy of happy thoughts and feelings to give you a boost. It is like your own metaphysical support team adding to the creative momentum.


Details & Scheduling

Please send me an eamil at or complete the Contact form on this website to schedule an energy clearing or mojo.

Energy Clearing $77 (session is 15 to 30 minutes in length)

Mojos: $22 (a mojo is a quick energy boost; we may do some energy clearing first)

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