Leaving Behind the Learnings of a Lifetime

Old man with book gazes at mountain lakeIt has been said that a legacy is not just about what you earned, it is about what you learned. This coaching is about the second type of legacy, what you learned.

  • Do you want to leave a positive Learned Legacy?
  • What is important to you?
  • How is the world better with your life contribution?
  • What would you like to pass on to the next generations?
  • If you were to die today, will you have left that legacy that you have imagined?
  • How would you like to be remembered?

How Learned Legacy Coaching Can Help

Legacy Learned coaching is for if you would like:

  • Some help organizing your Learned Legacy
  • Some help articulating, clarifying or identifying your Learned Legacy
  • Some help choosing who you would like to receive your Learned Legacy (it could be specific or very broad!)
  • To tell others about how you overcame adversity such as poverty, shyness, health challenges, alcohol or drug addiction.

How Learned Legacy Coaching Works: An Example

John wants to pass on the joys of life including camping and fishing to his grandsons. Not only does he plan to take them camping and fishing, he has some stories to tell about the old days. He doesn’t want the funny or the not-so-funny stories to go to waste. There isn’t enough time to tell it all on a weekend trip or two. He isn’t sure how to go about it sharing all this. He wishes he would have asked his own grandfather about his life. John knows that once he is gone, all this will be lost.

John is a perfect Learned Legacy Coaching client! Learned Legacy Coaching can help him decide what is important to pass on and how he can do it. He could do audio or video recordings, assemble photos and make a scrap book with anecdotes, quotes, and musings.

Find a way to pass your
Learned Legacy on to others.
Have a sounding board for your ideas.
Make a connection.

Preparing Your Learning Legacy in Three Coaching Sessions

If you are interested, read on about 3-session Learned Legacy Coaching:

Session 1

Includes getting acquainted, talking about what is important to you, your life experience in detail, how you would like to be remembered, and get you started on formulating an unedited list of the Learned Legacy that you would like to pass on.

 Homework to complete before Session 2 will be to edit and refine your legacy list.

Session 2

We will discuss your edited legacy list and go over any areas in which you would like help clarifying or articulating your Learned Legacy. We will discuss your homework assignment.

Homework will be to further refine your Learned Legacy and think about who and/or what (a non-profit organization, for example) will be the recipient of your beautiful Learned Legacy. You will also decide the format of your Learned Legacy. For example, it could be in writing (lists, poems, biographies, journals, family trees, notes, recipes, etc.), in photos, audio recordings, artwork or craft work that you have done (paintings, collages, doodles, drawings, afghans, hand-made jewelry, embroidery, wood block prints, etc.), or any other way you would like to pass your Learned Legacy on to the world.

Session 3

We will go over your homework and I will help you with planning how to pass on your legacy. Some prefer to pass on a Learned Legacy before passing away…this is your decision based on your preferences. (I am not a lawyer and any matters of bequeathing your Learned Legacy through a will or trust should be handled by your attorney.) At this point, whether you have totally completed your Learned Legacy or have some assembling or other “work” to do, you will be well on your way to passing on the precious gift of your Learned Legacy.

 Limited openings, if interested, please email connect@maryaomalley.com

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