The Light Fantastic – Your Aura

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There is a subtle energy field that radiates outward around our bodies. The aura has been called a “living template” of the body. Things that we do and think affect our auras. Those who can see them see the colors of your aura as well as the size and shape of the aura which may or may not have some irregularities such as swirls and indentations.

A computerized aura photo of Marya OMalley

When I see auras, they are composed of gorgeous shimmering colors. Because auras manifest as colors of different light wave-lengths, they are so much more luminous than the much more dense paint pigments.

I have noticed that when a person is interested, enthusiastic or passionate about something, the aura will grow larger or flare. I first observed this quite some time ago during a continuing education seminar about neurology that included a panel of 4 doctors from various disciplines.

It started out as a rather dry discussion and most what was being said was familiar to me. I was lulled by the monotone of one of panelists as he droned on and found myself  sort of staring without focus at the panel.

Then another panelist made a remark that sparked the interest of a woman on the panel. She began to talk about research and her understanding of the new topic and as she did I unexpectedly saw her aura flare out around her, especially around her head as a bright blue. That made me sit up and take notice! She obviously had a great deal of knowledge and passion about the topic and it showed in a way that was a big surprise to me.

While I don’t see auras all the time. Sometimes I see them without anticipating it. Other times, when I wish to see an aura, I will shift my focus to a soft focus like you might have while daydreaming. When I do this, I usually will see the person’s aura.

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You will notice that there is some variation of opinion among authors over what emanates the aura. Some say the chakras, some say the spine.

My friend, Dr. John de Salvo, a Ph.D. in biophysics, gives the most credence to Kirlian photography type methods for recording the aura. Kirlian photography works by placing your hand on a sheet film that is in turn on a metal plate. The plate is then charged with electrical charges causing a corona discharge between the hand and the metal place that registers on the film as colors of light.

There are computerized imaging methods as used to take the aura photo of me above, that purport to digitally analyze the biofeedback data that comes from placing a hand on a metal plate resulting in an image such as the one of me above. The main color of my aura at that time was described as “violet blue”.

It is possible to learn to see auras if you don’t already see them. It is not difficult for most people to see them with some coaching and practice. I have successfully taught others to do so. If you are interested in learning to see auras, feel free to contact me:

“The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh.” — Lucian Freud

Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.