The Seeds of My Heart’s Desire

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Here is a meditation for this week on planting seeds:

Today I resolve to plant seeds of my heart’s desire. Only the seeds of what I truly wish to manifest in my life will yield exactly that. If I plant a zinnia seed, a zinnia comes forth. If I plant an apricot pit, an apricot tree will result.

Some seeds will result in flowering/manifestation within a short time. While others, like an apricot take longer to flower and bear fruit. So it is with the seeds of my heart’s desire that I sow. Some come to flower in a short time in the same way that my short-term goals will manifest. Others flower and bear fruit in time like my long term goals. If there is a hard freeze while the apricot is blooming, there might be little or no fruit that year just like circumstances affect the manifestation of our goals as well.

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