Using Cards for Spiritual Guidance

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Photo Marya OMalley Deck: Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell

Oracle cards are a tool for Divine connection. An amazingly powerful means of access to intuition (inner knowing/inner teacher), their imagery can evoke memories, ideas, associations and inspiration in the blink of an eye. They are a powerful conduit for insight and guidance.


Most cards don’t give straight out “yes” or “no” answers. A few do. Before you rush off and get those, remember often things aren’t black and white, no or yes. An open-ended question that picks up the energy of various possibilities is, in most cases, going to give you the most useful guidance.


In reading for clients and mentoring I have found that, how a question is phrased makes all the difference. For example, poorly phrased questions like, “Why am I always making stupid mistakes?” cannot provide you with much clarity or guidance.


Better questions ask for ways to improve, about how it would look if you chose a specific option, about your strengths, about ways to strengthen your weaknesses, and so on. See Part 1 for examples. Oracle cards are at their best with these types of questions.


Photo: Marya OMalley / Decks: Gateway, Mother Mary Oracle, Earth Magic


Prepare for Your Spiritual Guidance Self-Reading:


  • Allow enough time to get the most out of your reading.
  • Be in a place that is comfortable where you do not expect interruptions.
  • Set your intention for the reading and decide whether you are going to draw a card as a tool for reflection or if you are seeking more extensive guidance into specific areas of interest.
  • Do a brief meditation or prayer. As an example, here is how I do it:


o I breathe in and as I exhale, I breathe out any tension, concerns, worries or fears. I repeat that again and let them go.

o Next I breathe into the present moment, affirming there is nothing else I have to do, nothing else I have to say, nowhere else I have to be right now, just present here and now.

o I move into my heart center* as I affirm that he the guidance that I receive is from the highest sources of Love and Light that are available to me and that all that transpires with this reading is for my highest purpose and the greatest good of all.


Photo Guiliai Bertelli /


*This is a way to move into heart-centered awareness:  Place your hands on your heart center (center of your chest over the breast bone at heart level) if you are able. Breathe into the heart chakra and focus on the core essence of you within your heart. Notice how heart-centered awareness is neutral, peaceful and expansive.


  • Now rap the deck with your knuckles to clear the deck of previous readings.
  • Hold the deck to your heart chakra and send heartfelt blessing, love and grace into the cards.
  • While holding your intention for the reading, shuffle, mix, and/or cut the cards. Stop when you feel that is complete.
Photo: Marya OMalley


You are ready to receive spiritual guidance from the cards. Ask your question then draw a card. Interpret the meaning based first and foremost on your impressions, your intuition.  Later, feel free to consult the guidebook if you would like the author’s take on its meaning. Notice:


  • What caught your attention first when you looked at the card?
  • What color(s) stood out most for you?
  • What feeling does the card evoke within you?
  • What do you intuitively sense this card is offering as guidance?


Consider keeping a journal of your self-readings. I do. It helps me to develop a more extensive intuitive vocabulary and enables me to go back and track how the readings relate to what unfolds.

My blog, Color: A kaleidoscope of Meaning and Keys to Understanding Symbols, will help you to enhance your card reading abilities.

I’d like to hear how you use cards for spiritual guidance in the comments below.


Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.