We Are Mush!

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The mystics of all time tell us that we do have a profound and holy purpose. Perhaps right now you are wishing that you have work that you love. Even in an unpleasant situation, you do have spiritual work to do   . . . even if you do not know what it is, you are doing it!

With the Great Shift that is occurring now, we are, as my friend, Dr. Ken Harris says, “mush in the chrysalis”. Did you know that during the chrysalis stage, the caterpillar has dissolved and what lies within the pupa is a liquidy mush? It resembles nothing of what we know of the caterpillar or the coming butterfly.

This is the state of humanity right now. We must pass through this stage of dissolution that seems like destruction. As light bearers, we hold the torch that throws light into the past, present, and future; we must remind people that what is to come is a way of life that will allow us to take flight.

Will we emerge from this stage transformed in a year, 3 years, 10 years? That we don’t know because we are unfamiliar with this type of caterpillar. But we do know that opening up that chrysalis before the metamorphosis is done will destroy it. So have heart, and continue to be the light. That is what we why we chose this time to be here: To be THE Light and share the Love that we are while the change is happening. We all have an influence on how that change will be.