What’s Your Roster?

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A roster is a list of members or persons that are of a certain team or category. I was talking with my friend Jan about what my roster would be. I like the idea of a hashtag roster. I came up with several hashtag rosters. It was fun to place myself on rosters that reflect what I love and am good at doing.
Here are my rosters with some thoughts about my choices:
#Spirituality (My favorite subject)

#Millennials (I am not one, but I love Millennials – they fuel my hope and excitement about the future.)
#Spiritual Practice (My book, YOU Are Simply Divine: A Handbook of Simple Spiritual Practices for Divine Connectivity, is coming out soon!)
#Divine (Divine Originating Source, all that is, was, and ever shall be)
#Life (The great gift of life)
#Intuitive (Sensing, a knowing that is beyond what is reported, ability to connect)
#Synchronicity (Meaningful coincidence is all around, fascinating.)
#Prayer (Affirming that everyone is a Divine creation and there is no order of difficulty when it comes to miracles.)
#Mysticism (The mysteries of life, the Universe, love, creation and the unknown call to me. Do they call to you?)
#Holy Spirit (Inspiration, the breath of life…breathe in, breathe out)
#Indigos (Millennials with a special mission)
#Blessing (Wishing you and others well uplifts me. May all be happy and know the root of happiness!)
#Reincarnation (If I am, then I must be good at doing it!)

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