Setting Forth with Clear Intention

intuitive coaching with Reverend Marya OMalley
Reverend Marya OMalley


I love to mentor other intuitive arts practitioners:  psychics, healers, & mediums. This is a natural evolution of my soul-coaching practice and years of experience caring for others as a chiropractor. I want to help others success in bringing light and healing to the world in their own authentic ways.

I studied coaching and soul purpose with some great teachers including the New York Times best-selling author, Sandra Anne Taylor and Fern Gorin of the Life Purpose Institute. I am a certified coach and ordained Interfaith Minister.

My coaching combines life coaching and spiritual intuitive coaching. I help people to integrate inner life with outer life for a more satisfying life. Does your every day life harmonize with your heart's desires? Specialty coaching is also available including:

  • Professional Intuitive Arts Practitioner Mentoring (psychics, healers, mediums, etc.) get feedback, enhance your readings, increase your reach, improve your business.
  • New Course Coaching for those who want to identify life purpose and ways to move forward and live purposefully.
  • Learned legacy Coaching to help you pass on your life wisdom legacy to family, friends, and the entire world.
  • Assertiveness Coaching for those who would like to step beyond fear of honest self-expression and honor self-care versus constantly giving in to the requests and demands of others.

We will use simple, direct processes for your chosen business, career, financial, relationship, spiritual, or personal objectives. Meditation will be an aspect of your coaching – if you aren’t already meditating I can help you find a form of meditation that resonates with you.

This coaching is great for any of these objectives:

  • Set and reach goals of any kind
  • Power up and leave default mode behind when making changes and transitions
  • Recognize and seize opportunities
  • Powerfully set intentions, create, and manifest
  • Release tired internal dialogues and patterns
  • Genuinely joyous life vibration
  • Realize your true Divine nature

What are your objective(s) for engaging in this exciting way of expanding your self-expression in the world?

You will set forth with a clear intention, a plan, and be able to measure your progress. (coaching details)

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