Mentoring for Intuitive Arts Practitioners:  Psychics, Mediums & Healers



Register here or call / text 505-318-2128.

Dates:  Now Accepting Candidates for the 6-month Program or the Short Series Program 

“Re-calibrate & Celebrate” Special

In-person or online using Zoom, your choice:  4 private lessons or mentoring sessions in intuitive development: mediumship, psychic, or a related area . . .

tailored to your needs for only $222.00Re-calibrate and Celebrate Special rate is valid through June 30, 2020; you must register and pay by that date. Your 4 sessions must be completed within a 2 month period from the time of registration. You may reschedule with a 24 hour or more notice. No refunds for missed sessions. To schedule a free information call click here. To register and schedule you first session click here.

Location: Online live using; when permitted at my office at Indian School and Moon NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112. Sessions are scheduled to fit your schedule

What is mentoring? Why have private sessions?

Description: Are you a professional or aspiring professional intuitive arts practitioner, psychic, healer, or medium? Or do you want to develop your gifts further to explore that possibility? Private sessions allow for tailoring your mentoring to meet you where you are in your development and work on the things you want to most.

This program is designed to move you to the next level and beyond as you use your Divine gifts in service.
  • Gain confidence and experience
  • Develop in the areas that are most important to you
  • Learn to work consistently from an inspired state
  • Reach more people as the unique Soul you are
  • Get feedback
  • Energize your practice
  • Enhance your business or explore starting a business


Short Series, 6 Month Program, 3 Month Program, or One-Session Mentoring Is Available

Short Series or One-Session:

Get a tune-up, check-in, practice a new technique, get some help with client relation issues, make changes in your business and marketing. For more information contact me by email or phone/text: 505-318-2128. Click here to register and schedule.


6 Month Program


  • Weekly in-person or live Zoom sessions for the first month (4 sessions)
  • Twice monthly in-person or Zoom sessions for months 2 through 6 (10 sessions)
  • “Homework” assignments, practice, and feedback
  • Access for questions/concerns between sessions by phone, text, or email (for phone calls please stay within the hours of 9:30 am to 7:30 pm mountain time; text or email any time)
  • Certificate of completion, upon successful completion and fees paid in full


For the 6 month program is $888.00 if registered by June 22, 2020; $1,111 after June 22, 2020, for programs starting in July, 2020. To pay with PayPal: Go to, enter email: and pay, it’s as simple as that. Or, use the form below. Other payment options are available, contact Marya.


For information and registration call / text 505-318-2128 or send Marya an email. To schedule after registration, click here.

3 Month Program

Description: Essentially 1/2 the amount of sessions as the 6 month program.


3 Month Program: Early registration by June 22, 2020: $444.00; registration after June 22, 2020, for programs starting in July, 2020 is $555.00. To schedule, click here.

Mentoring for Intuitive Arts Practitioners will help you answer the call and follow your life purpose. If this is what you have been asking the Universe for, see below to register. If you are still wondering if this mentoring is for you, contact Marya 505-318-2128 (if I am unable to answer, please send me a text that you would like to know more about mentoring) or email to inquire at no obligation. 


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