Readings Bring Divine Love & Wisdom to the Fore

Spiritual Readings

A reading might be just what you are looking for if you:

  • would like a neutral person to take a look at a situation or relationship
  • want some clarity
  • would like input about changes in career or location
  • are faced with a complicated challenge and are looking to understand the underlying dynamics
  • seek insights to get on track with your vision
  • have had some losses
  • would like confirmation of what you are already sensing
  • are curious!


I believe that the best outcome of readings with me, whether you have one, a few, or many, is to get to know yourself better and develop your own ability to receive the flow of Divine Guidance. Asking for assistance along the way may be part of your Soul’s journey. We all need a little help sometimes. While I do not encourage anyone to become dependent on me or any other reader, I do trust that as your conscious awareness advances, you will know what is best for you.


Your Soul thirsts to learn and evolve; this is accomplished through life experience and self-knowledge. Sometimes readings are an integral part of that learning.

Schedule a Reading

How do I prepare for my reading?

Prepare by acknowledging and bringing forward your willingness to be open. Know that you are the director of your life and make decisions according to your own principles and processes. After you have scheduled, be sure to notice what comes up for you because the action of scheduling naturally sets energy in motion (more on preparing). I also am noticing what comes up because I often get messages as I get ready for your session.

How Often Should I Have a Reading?

This answer varies --

  • Those who are in a crisis may wish to have a reading more frequently during that time
  • When you feel that a reading with a neutral person is what you need
  • When you are confused and looking for clarity
  • Some people who lead busy lives like to check in periodically such as once a month