6 Easy Steps to a DIY Retreat

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Do you need a break? Are you worried about finances, career, health, or other people? Do you want to enhance your meditation practice? Would you love to attend a retreat, but just can’t travel to do it right now? Then try this Mini DIY Meditation Retreat!

Follow these 6 easy steps to a DIY retreat that can give you rest, relaxation, and lift your spirits. You can change the length, surroundings, and practices to suit your needs.

  1. Determine when and where you will have your retreat

You can choose to do this right at home. Or, you have the option to include going to a park, a beach, a quiet building, or where ever you are. This retreat is perfectly suited for the business traveler and vacationer as well as right at home

If others will be around, plan before hand to let them know about your retreat.  An option if you are a nursing mother is do your retreat using mindfulness when going about your daily routine, meditate while the baby is napping and even while nursing if this is peaceful for you. Some Moms or Dads choose to do the retreat while someone else is watching the children while they are at school or with their grandparents.

Caregivers, you might need this more than anyone. Think about the possibilities. Can someone relieve you and do the care-taking for a day? Is there an adult day care available? If those are not options, is the person you are caring for safe if you take certain blocks of time out to have this retreat?  Will they be able to honor your quiet time and only disturb you if it is an urgent matter?

Some ideas:  How about including a botanical garden in your retreat? Walk the gardens mindfully, bring a thermos of tea or water, express thankfulness for it and drink it mindfully. Then find a quiet bench and meditate.

[pathway in botanical garden with red and yellow tulips and greenery

  1. Set your intention & AFFIRM

Three or more days before you begin, set your intention for your DIY Meditation Retreat. For example:

I intend to take a break from stressful routine and distraction in order to experience being present to my life.

I affirm that this will allow me to focus on myself. I affirm that a break, no matter the length, will renew and refresh me.

Repeat your intention and affirmation morning, midday and evening.

  1. Prepare

  • Have everything that you would like ready. For example have at hand the clothing you will wear, a candle, matches, flowers, a blanket, a chair or cushion, food, water, music, readings, and guided or written meditations.
  • Decide when you will include mindful movement including meals (unless you choose to safely fast), and when you will sit in meditation.
  • Take a shower or bath with minerals or essential oils.
  • Inform others that you will be unavailable at these certain times.
  • Turn off your cell phone, social media, land line, etc.

Feel free to download my guided meditations to use in your retreat. Also, there are many excellent guided meditations on You Tube. If you plan to use You Tube meditations, make sure that you choose your meditation(s) ahead of time and have them ready.

  1. Begin with a prayer

Compose your own opening prayer. Use one that you already know, or this short prayer:

“As I light this candle, I center myself in the present moment with this simple prayer. I invoke Divine Love to surround me at all times retaining all that is for my greatest good and allowing only that which is for my highest good to enter while enabling what does not serve my highest good to exit and be released from me through all time, space, and dimensions.

praying monk in orange robe

I invite the Holy Spirit of Truth to inform me and accompany me. I am open and receptive to revelations, respite, release and renewal. I begin in gratitude giving thanks that my intention of (repeat your intention) is manifested here and now.”

  1. Meditation

There are many ways to meditate. If you are already a meditator, you can use your regular practice. If you are new to meditation or find it hard to get focused, I find that it is helpful to combine some meditative movement like walking as well as guided meditation.

blue tea kettle with contents

Before you drink water or a beverage express thanks for it. Your positive thoughts infuse it and will provide you with the blessing of that positive energy as you mindfully drink it. Dr. Masaru Emoto in his research has shown how “the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water can positively impact the earth and our personal health.” He has written about this and shows photographs in his books including The Hidden Messages of Water. The same applies if you are having a meal during your retreat. Remember to eat slowly, chew your food well, and swallow consciously.

Our bodies are 60-73% water. Bless your body and bless your life.

If you are driving to a park or some other place as part of your retreat be alert to your driving: safely first. Consciously make an effort to bless the other drivers. Offer positive affirmations such as, “I live in a safe world.” “May all arrive at their destinations safely.” “May all be happy.”

  1. Close with a Prayer

Compose your own closing prayer. Use one that you already know, or this short prayer:

“As I close with this simple prayer, I give thanks to The One Divine Spirit that lives in me and is everywhere present. I thank the Holy Spirit of Truth and invite this Spirit of Truth to inform me and accompany me at all times. I give thanks for the revelations, respite, release and renewal that this retreat has already provided me and for that which will surely follow. My intention of (repeat your intention) is manifested here and now. With gratitude and love I extinguish this candle. And so it is.”

water lily and lily pad

Blessings to you. The Divine in me salutes the Divine in you, Namaste.

Remember, you are simply Divine,

Reverend Marya OMalley