6 Top Card Readings for Greater Clarity

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Angel cards, relationship cards, and energy cards are my favorites to supplement an intuitive reading or use on their own. The various cards that I use are light, meaningful, and address matters from a Divine perspective. They speak to a higher level of consciousness within us. These are my 6 top card readings for greater clarity.

  1. Relationship reading:
  • Look into relating to someone else, whether it is your boss, lover, friend, sibling or relative
  • You and what you contribute to the relationship
  • The other person and what the other person’s input is to the relating
  • The combined energies
  • The insight or guidance around the situation

Additionally we can look at the relationship over time:

  • The past or what you have been working on in regard to the relationship
  • The current situation and what you are working on or learning right now and what you should know right now
  • The indications for the near future (up to 3 months). It may also point out what you might need to do to bring about the desired outcome.
  1. Archangel reading
  • Shows you the Archangel most intensely working with you at this time
  • The internal processes that your archangel is currently helping you with and wants you to be aware of
  • External influences that have the most impact on you right now in relation to this inner work (spread designed by Angel Starlight)
  1. WJH! Reading

When something just happened that has you reeling – rather than fly off the handle, try this approach: What on earth just happened??? reading (WJH! for short) will explore:

  • The underlying dynamics behind what just happened (WJH!)
  • How you feel deep down about WJH!
  • How your partner or someone else close to the situation feels about WJH!
  • The worst way to approach the situation
  • The best way to approach the situation, address the cause of it, or heal
  • The likely trend if you do follow the best approach
  1. The traditional Celtic Cross spread:
  • Looks at past and present influences
  • Reveals the basis of your question or change that you are considering
  • Highlights external influences (people and social trends)
  • Shows associated challenges
  • Indicates how the situation is evolving
  1. You are Simply Divine Reading:

I created this reading for those of you who are spiritually oriented. It is designed to reveal information with a spiritual focus.

  • You in the present
  • Energy that is influencing you at this time (people, earth, solar, astrological)
  • Incoming spiritual guidance
  • Challenges
  • What will raise vibrational frequency
  • Adjacent possibilities for the highest good
  1. What Do I Need To Know Today? reading:

Exactly as the name says – we will draw a card or cards to look for something that you would benefit from knowing today or to provide inspiration for reflection today.

Are you drawn to any of these readings? You can use that in and of itself to explore the dynamics and trends of your career, relationships, business, travel, consideration of relocation, personal life, or spiritual development. Why are you attracted to the thought of having clarity about a particular relationship, for example?

Blessings and remember you are simply Divine,

Reverend Marya OMalley

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