Color: A Kaleidoscope of Meaning

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Color is one of the most amazing things in this world

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Color evokes emotion, ideas, inspiration, and healing. Color is a key component of intuition.

Color carries history and a frequency of vibration that has a common meaning across a culture. Cross-culturally the meaning of a certain color may vary. For example in Japan, white is a color of mourning. In the United States white is a color worn by brides. In Africa, green is seen as a color of corruption while people in Canada might see it as the color of luck and prosperity.

It is certain that color has a multi-layered effect on each of us, no matter where we live. A color may have a special meaning that is unique to you. Always pay attention to your experience of a color when interpreting what it means in relation to you.

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Your favorite color says something about your personality and preferences.

This is the same with your friends, family, and acquaintances. If a favorite color changes, take note, what does the change indicate in terms of color symbolism?

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A chart of the common “meanings” of a variety of colors

You can use this information when you are endeavoring to understand dreams and visions, studying art, reading Oracle cards, or styling graphics.

A Kaleidoscope of Color

Western Symbolism

Black Power, Sophistication, Mystery, Seriousness, Elegance, Formality, Grief, Sadness, Remorse, Fear, Death
Blue Truth, Tranquility, Calm, Honesty, Peace, Integrity, Harmony, Sky, Loyalty, Masculinity, Protection, Depression, Sadness, Cool, Cold
Brown Earth, Home, Friendly, Nature, Autumn, Solid, Reliable, Comfort, Simplicity, Kindness, Generosity, Warm


Wealth, Success, Achievement, Triumph, Abundance, Prosperity, Prestige, Value, Elegance, Extravagance, Warm
Gray Stable, Staid, Conservative, Storms, Comfort, Depression, Boredom, Neutral
Green Wealth, Prosperity, Spring, Nature, Vigor, Environment, Health, Healing, Fresh, Luck, Jealousy, Cool
Indigo Intuition, Idealism, Deep, Mysterious, Exotic Metaphysical, Cool
Orange Confidence, Warmth, Energy, Enthusiasm, Expansion, Autumn, Vitality, Happiness, Warm
Pink Unconditional Love, Femininity, Heart, Warm
Purple Royal, Spiritual, Creative, Imagination, Metaphysical, Cool
Red Passion, Energy, Urgency, Warm, Bold, Fast, Courageous, Excitement, Anger, Warm, Hot


Moon, Tides, Prosperity, Age, Abundance, Cool
Turquoise Friendship, Sky, Communication, Clarity, Calm, Cool
Violet Spirit, Transformation, Creative, Mastery, Metaphysical, Cool
White Purity, Innocence, Clarity, Peace, Simplicity, Snow, Cleanliness, Calm, Higher Frequency, Neutral
Yellow Inspiration, Success, Intelligence, Joy, Optimism, Idealism, Summer, Prosperity, Happiness, Sunny, Cowardly, Betrayal, Warm


Do you have some meanings to add?

Remember, your intuitive sense is your main reference when it comes to a vocabulary and “dictionary” of color meanings.


Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.