Receiving Spiritual Guidance

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Your parents were incorrect . . . You’re not “1 in a million.”

You’re 1 in 4,000,000,000,000!

(That’s trillion, with a “T”!)


Scientists have actually determined the odds of your living right now, despite
wars, diseases, natural disasters and everyday accidents: yep, you’re 1 in 4
trillion!  With these literally “death defying” odds, you’ve been given amazing gifts – a
purpose – a reason to be. Instead of asking yourself dumbfoundedly “What?,”
you should be thinking “What’s Next?”

Understanding your purpose – your reason “why” – means tapping into you:
Looking both within – and without – beyond the superficial physical and mental
space you occupy – to see the divine in you and spiritual around you.

But where do you begin . . .


Receiving Spiritual Guidance

How do I go about receiving spiritual guidance? How do I know if it is
real or is this just “woo woo,” the latest in hippy-dippy thinking?


Each of us is of the Divine and each of us has the
ability to communicate with the Divine.


Your journey to your fulfilled purpose is chock full of road signs along the way – you just need to
be fully present to see them. Guidance can come directly from God/Universal Source/The
Divine. It can come through higher beings of love and light: angels, high beings, strangers in
the most unusual places, and ancestors as well as through people we know and have yet to
meet through simple life experiences . . .


Photo by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash

Asking For and Being Open expand your ability to receive guidance:

Here are some of the ways that spiritual guidance is delivered:

  • a gentle inner voice
  • a simple knowing
  • images and visions
  • feelings and sensations
  • seeing certain numbers repeatedly on license plates, addresses, etc.,
  • hearing a rarely played song on the radio
  • messages such as something overheard, a note from a friend, or a remark by a stranger.


Photo by 小胖 车 on Unsplash


How can we distinguish between real guidance and our fear-based ego self-talk?

These are clear indicators of spiritual guidance:

  • it is gentle
  • it is non-judgmental
  • it will never tell you to harm yourself or others
  • it is a voice for love not fear
  • it is clear and direct
  • it has a different tone than your own



Each of us has a unique set of ways that we receive spiritual guidance.


Just like your fingerprint is all yours: we’re back to this in 4 Trillion opportunity you have!  You relationship with your Spirit will look and feel different than anyone else’s. But the one thing we ALL have in common:

Spiritual guidance is always available to us.

It is simply a matter of inviting the guidance and noticing its loving messages.

“The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu.  You’re not alone on your journey . . .

Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.