A Living, Sacred Work of Art

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In the places I have lived and worked I have found that something almost magical happens over time. The energy that I carry fills the space and the structure of the place. Just as the energy that you carry fills your workplace and home.

It touches the yard/garden and grounds as well. The plants become your friends and allies. You can come to recognize the birds and other fauna that live on or around the place.

If there has been upset in your life, making changes in your home and work spaces can help the healing process. Or, sometimes, we simply need a change.

You can switch things around and modify them. You can rearrange the furniture, wall art, plants, shelves, work station, to suit your mood, the seasons, or the flow.

Why switch things up in your workplace or home? (The list could be much longer!):

  • to create new ways of looking at things
  • to usher out unwanted energy
  • for creative expression
  • to place beneficial and positive energy
  • to lighten the mood
  • to invite inspiration
  • to accommodate other people coming into the space
  • to change the energy when other people leave
  • to create harmony and flow
  • for tranquility
  • for social connections and fun times
  • to make room for relaxation
  • make space for hobbies

Whether you live alone or with others, your home (and any other place that you spend a chunk of time) is a living and sacred work of art, a soul expression. Approached in that way, a host of possibilities will arise.