Conversational Mediumship

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I serve as a spiritual medium of communication for those who have passed. Because they are no longer in a physical body, it is called “interdimensional” communication.

I have found after doing many mediumship readings, that I am a “conversational medium”. Just as it implies, I often engage in a conversation with a loved one on the other side. It is as if I am in conversation with a person next to me. The one in spirit will also use images, words, sensations, feelings, symbols, and my personal experiences to convey evidence as to who they are as well as messages to their loved ones who are there to hear from them.

There may be evidence or a message that a person having the reading doesn’t understand at the time. I ask them to set it aside for now. Later on, the evidence might be verified, having been unknown to the recipient at the time of the reading, or perhaps recognized later.

I ask my clients not to give me details ahead of time. Their job is not to make things fit. Rather it is to respond with a “yes”, “no”, “I understand”, or “I don’t know” as the connection is being established and strengthened with the spirit coming through. It will also keep me in the flow of the communication and most importantly, helps the client to know that the connection is genuine (vs. created based on what the client has said ahead of time).

Who will come through from the other dimension is not in my control because it is the one in spirit who makes that determination. If a specific loved one does not come through at the time of the reading, it is not for lack of love or a desire to do so. Spirit has a wiser view. It could be a matter of timing or that I am simply not the medium for them at the moment.

In mediumship, I do not give guidance or advice. If anything does come through that sounds like guidance or advice, I let the recipient know that whatever action they may choose to take or not to take as a result is entirely subject to their own free will and their own responsibility.

It is so moving to see people experience communication with those on the other side. It demonstrates the nature of consciousness – it doesn’t cease at physical death. It also shows that our loved ones really aren’t far away somewhere, they are simply in another dimension, still aware, watching over us, and loving us. Knowing that can be very healing.

Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.