Intuitive Abilities: Which Do You Have?

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Everyone has intuitive faculties to some extent and although we all have multiple abilities, most of us have strengths in 1 or 2 areas. I regard these as gifts. As you read the descriptions of the faculties below, which stand out as your strongest abilities?

Intuition – This is the ability to hear, feel, sense, and directly receive messages from Spirit and in turn translate the messages.

The “clairs-” are abilities that use the inner senses. The prefix, clair-, means clear.

Mediumship – This is the ability to communicate with those on the other side.

Telepathy – The ability to receive and send information mentally without other physical means of communication such as speaking, pantomime or digital communication. This could be from a distance or in close proximity. Mind-reading is an example of telepathy. (I never do this without permission of the higher self of the person I am “mind-reading”.  Occasionally, permission is refused and in that case, I thank them, wish them well, and leave them. I advise you to do the same.)

Steps for Enhancing Your Abilities

What steps can you take to develop and enhance your intuitive ability?

  • Meditation helps to clear mental chatter and prayer can prepare us to be receptive.
  • Do things that keep you grounded such as walking outdoors, putting your bare feet on the earth, bathing in minerals salts, and using imagery such as imagining that roots are going from the bottoms of your feet into Mother Earth.
  • Good health habits like getting enough sleep, nutritious foods, and exercise increase sensory and extra-sensory perception.
  • Mind-numbing alcohol and drug consumption should be avoided. (I do have a glass of wine occasionally – you need to decide for yourself what is best for you.)
  • Healthy boundaries make good relationships with others possible and increase the ability to communicate.
  • Have a willingness to be intuitive and use it for the highest good.
  • Many find that a circle of other intuitives is very helpful for community, practice, and peer feedback.
  • Many find that a teacher or mentor can open up possibilities for a higher level of intuitive function and serve to anchor accountability and integrity.

The fascinating faculties of the intuitive arts never cease to amaze me although I experience them every day. Within each of us is the ability to intuit, to see, know, feel, hear and think with the senses and beyond the physical senses. Learn to trust your inner knowing – it is a beautiful part of you.

Remember you are simply Divine,

Reverend Marya OMalley

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  1. Rudy

    Honey: This looks good and seems excellent for your intended requirements! Love, Rudy

  2. Evita


    I am a first-time reader of your site and I must say that I have enjoyed your articles. I was reading and reflecting on my gifts. The intuition for me is sometimes hit or miss. I am trying to pay more attention and be more aware in order to better it. I had a remembrance come to mind and I wanted to ask you more about clairesentiance. I have not read much about that. One day I was at home with the window open and I had a strong wonderful smell of green apples! That scent made me feel so happy and at the same time, I knew that the smell was out of place because I did not have any apple trees around. I was not eating apples either. So, why did I smell that smell? Or who is associated with this scent? If you have knowledge of this I would love to know. Thank you for all that you are doing.

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