Love at Mid-life and Onward

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Sunset, the lamp is lit.

The presence of love

Glows softly as evening falls and I

Awaken to the shining radiance within.


Photo by Gor Davtyan on Unsplash


I wrote those lines a few years ago. They were inspired by a poem called, The Coming of Light, written by the late poet laureate, Mark Strand.

At the time I wrote it, I was thinking about how it feels to find deep love at mid-life and after.  Those words reflect my sweet and gentle experience of a love that is exactly what I had dreamed a relationship should be. . . after I experienced some that were not.

Even though those earlier relationships did not turn out to be of my dreams, they were a gift.


They enabled me to recognize my own longing, manipulation, irresponsibility, and ability as well as a myriad of other positive and shadowy traits in myself.

They whispered to me how to be loving and kind. They fogged my view with drama. They laid out before me what loving acts look like. They took me to the edge of a slippery slope and backed me away from it. They brought home that drama and blame is just the fog of fear.

And in retrospect, I know they taught me to focus on the Love that is the reality behind all this. It lives within me and is my core essence, just as it is yours.


Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash


It is never too late when we continue to evolve.  

The soul’s purpose in embodying is to evolve, to expand conscious awareness of the truly Divine Self as inseparable from us because that is who we are.

You soul wants those challenges that ego will do much to avoid. That is why we seem to keep getting into some of those more trying relationships.

The true beauty of aging is to know and embrace the challenges of life experience.

The challenges help grow your soul. And, paradoxically, I have found that by embracing the gift of challenges, the drama part of life fades and life is lived out of heart-centered awareness.


Photo: Daniele Bravi


If someone sees the true beauty behind that aging skin, be grateful for it, drink it in. Grandchildren, children, nieces and nephews tend to be good at that.


Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash



Old friends tend to be good at that. Other people embracing soul evolution as it unfolds in their own lives are good at that too.

Is it time for you to love and love again? Are you willing to end games, light the lamp, and settle into the soft glow of love?


Photo: Marya OMalley, “Evening Star and Roses”


Take care and may your Divine spirit guide you today and always.