Mediumship Readings – What Are They Like?

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Reverend Marya OMalley gives readings at a body, mind, and spirit event.

This blog will tell you about what it is like to have a mediumship reading from me. As a spiritual medium, I am aligned with Holy Spirit. My intention is to serve the highest good. A medium is a soul who communicates with souls, both those here in the physical and those on the other side. The foundation of my work is meditation and prayer. This keeps my mediumship and psychic work within Divine Love and Wisdom.

Bringing Messages to You from the Other Side

Spirit uses my experience, mental impressions, and things I know about as a data base to draw on so that I can convey messages to you. Spirit will show me images, sounds, feelings, sensations or simple a “knowing” to bring messages to you from the other side. Spirit may also use what seems like a round-about way to get information across — but when I think of it quite clever! An example would be showing me an image of a local fast food restaurant. The client did not recognize any association with the place itself, but her friend who was on the other side had the name, Blake, as in the name of the restaurant, Blake’s.

Putting Information Together Like a Puzzle

You and I will be putting information together like a puzzle. I ask that you do not try to force anything to fit. That would be like trying to jam a puzzle piece into a space where it doesn’t belong. Simply allow the pieces to come together organically to create a picture from the other side.

In most readings I find that there is some information that isn’t understood right away. That is to be expected. An example is when a grandmother figure came through in a client’s reading. He didn’t recognize the details that were coming through. Fortunately he remained open and was able to confirm other aspects of his reading. When he told his aunt about the reading, he was amazed when she confirmed the information that he hadn’t understood. Hi aunt verified that the reading had provided vivid details about his grandmother that died before he was born. He had been told very little about this grandmother and didn’t even know her first name.

I do prefer that you not volunteer details up front. I have two main reasons for this: first of all I want you to have as strong a confirmation as possible that you are indeed receiving messages from your loved ones on the other side and secondly, sometimes it takes a little time for Spirit to get the information through to me. Don’t worry, though, if you have let me know ahead of time that you wish to connect with your best friend, David, for example, you haven’t ruined anything. I simply want you to have the strongest possible confirmation that we don’t die and love never dies.

How Readings Unfold

This is how I prepare for a reading and how readings generally unfold:

I pray or meditate beforehand in preparation. Sometimes I will even receive information before your reading and I will make mental or written notes.

When we begin your reading, we will settle in and begin with a prayer. I will tune into your energy and begin to receive information. A phone or Skype reading is just as good or even better at times than a reading in person. Spirit has no time or distance limitations. Even Albert Einstein spoke of this when he said, “Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions by which we live.”

I do appreciate it, as we go along in your reading, for you to speak up and let me know what you are recognizing. This will make it possible for even more information to come through as I know that you are getting the information and I don’t need to ask Spirit to take a different tack.

If you didn’t hear something I said or didn’t understand it, feel free to ask to me repeat. I am very focused during your reading as I want to receive as much information as I can from Spirit, high beings, angels, and your higher self as I am able. I am not a trance medium so you will find that I am present during readings.

Small Details Confirm and Reveal

I will give as much detail as possible. What may seem insignificant to me could have powerful meaning for you. It is often in these small details that we receive evidential confirmation because often times these details reveal something that only a few people or even only you knew.

I actually never know what to expect in a reading. The less detail I know beforehand not only allows for validation but also because it keeps my personality and thinking mind out of the way so that I can act as a receiver of clear information for you.

What We Need Isn’t Always What We Want

I do believe that we get what we need which isn’t always the same as what we want. Although you may want to hear from a specific person, know that I cannot control who comes through, what they say, or how long the link (connection) holds.

I will ask you, after the links are fading, if there is anyone else in Spirit that you hoped to hear from today. If there is someone, you can tell me and I will ask Spirit to step forward if they wish to come through and the timing seems right to them.

Relax and Enjoy

I ask every person I work with to please relax and enjoy the information and messages that does come through. It is a blessing to communicate with loved ones on the other side.

In the final phase of your reading IF you wish and time allows after messages from those on the other side, you may ask questions about your own life matters. If so, we will transition into psychic mode for your questions about areas such as career, finances, relationships, romance, well-being and so on. Future timing is not precise. Each of us influences the future through our thoughts, actions, and choices. Because of this, I do not make dire predictions or know when someone is going to die.

Love Never Dies

My intention is to serve the Divine and be of service to you for your highest good. The feeling of leaving a reading knowing that consciousness continues after physical death, that love never dies, that you are never alone and are supported and loved by an invisible team is priceless.

Remember, you are simply Divine!

Reverend Marya OMalley

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    How much are your readings?

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    Hi Patricia. You can view all my services and current prices here: . Thank you for your question.

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