Spiritual Guidance

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Spiritual Guidanceā€¦

How do I go about receiving spiritual guidance? How do I know if it is real or am I just making it up?

To put it simply, the best way to receive spiritual guidance is to ask for it. Like a prayer that requests something, we can request guidance from Holy Spirit. Your request is always heard.


There are different ways we receive guidance:

  • a simple knowing
  • images – seeing with the inner eye
  • feelings and sensations
  • hearing with the inner ear
  • signs such as hearing discussion on the radio that is talking precisely about requested guidance
  • seeing certain numbers over and over on license plates, addresses, etc.
  • synchronicity, for example hearing a rarely played song on the radio that has a special meaning to you
  • an overhead conversation
  • a note from a friend
  • a remark by a stranger

How can we distinguish between real guidance and fear-based ego talk? These are clear indicators of spiritual guidance – it is:

  • gentle
  • non-judgmental
  • never telling you to harm yourself or another
  • a voice for love not fear
  • clear and direct
  • in a different tone than your own thinking

How to receive spiritual guidance:

  • ask Spirit for guidance
  • always ask that it be for your highest good
  • be open to receive guidance
  • notice what comes up

Prayer is one way to request spiritual guidance. You can request prayer 24/7 with Silent Unity, a non-denominational prayer organization that has been in continual prayer for over 127 years.

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Fortunately, in times of stress or crisis we are often more receptive than ever to guidance!

Remember, you are simply Divine,

Reverend Marya OMalley