Spiritual Pandemic?

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Some thoughts from a higher perspective: Is this a spiritual pandemic in the best sense?

In this time AT THE SAME TIME most of the population of earth can’t help but be confronted with inner fears, fears that have been suppressed, minimized, etc., but that have been in the background silently running us. It has been an opportunity that has never been experienced before to a global extent (at least in our recorded history). In crisis there is the opportunity to appreciate what really matters, family, friends, shelter and the basics.

Rather than hold a position and side with one theory or another, one political outlook or another, I intend to continue to live the best meĀ – doing my best to hold the high watch instead of getting embroiled in the drama (which only makes me miserable anyway).

I trust that it will take awhile to settle some and reveal a much better way of living for most people after the confusion, secrets, and deceptions have been exposed. Why? Because so many of us will have faced our own fears in the same world-wide time frame and come to appreciate what really matters on a global scale.

If many do come through this having passed through the most dire fears, it will be a massive re-calibration for us.

What are your thoughts? How have you faced your fears? How have you come to appreciate relationships, food, shelter as a result of this world-wide situation?