Is there a Difference Between Intuitive and Psychic?

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Yes, there is a difference, although the two are closely related to one another and overlap in some ways.  That is why the terms are often used interchangeably.



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The word, “intuition” has its roots in the Latin intuitionem, meaning insight, direct or immediate cognition, spiritual perception”.

Intuition is about the “gut” instinct, accumulated experiences, physical sensations, and body memories that are in each of us.  It is associated with the right side of the brain that engages in a rapid process that accesses the subconscious, our vast storehouse of memories, emotions, and information.  We are all intuitives to some extent. Intuition protects and guides us in everyday life.

Examples of intuition:  

Intuition guides us to good things.

Michael has a hunch that he should apply for a job at a certain place.  Although he isn’t familiar with the company and would have to move if he is offered the position, he has a good feeling whenever he looks at that job listing online. It is dogging him because he has been offered a job close to home and must make a decision in a week. That sure thing appears to have everything he needs to advance his career.  Yet, whenever he looks at the job offer with its generous salary he gets a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.


Michael listens to his intuition and applies at the company in another state. In the course of his interview with the company, he finds that he feels excited about the mission and vision of the company. It aligns with his own. Plus there is the added bonus of travel for the company monthly to his home town and he would be able to visit friends and relatives regularly on his trips back home. Although the salary is less than the other company offered, he feels so inspired and pumped about the position that he accepts it.

Two months later Michael learns that the company in his hometown has had a massive shake up and is being investigated for possible fraud. New hires are being laid off and Michael would have been among them.


Intuition can alert us to danger.

Tomorrow is her day off, and Mary, who has just finished some leisurely shopping on a weeknight evening at the mall, has just stepped outside of the mall doors. She found some items that she really likes including a gift for her sister. She feels relaxed and is looking forward to settling in at home with her cat and watching a flick.  She even has a little smile on her face as she steps forward, gently swinging the bag she carries.

Suddenly she is on alert; the hair on the back of her neck is standing up!  Her intuition is telling her to go back inside and she quickly does so.

She asks mall security to escort her to her car. It turns out that near her vehicle two cars had been broken into and the contents stolen.  Yet, when Mary stepped out of the mall door it had already happened, there wasn’t any noise or visible disruption to draw her attention as she stepped outside the door. Intuition alerted her and perhaps saved her from harm.



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The word psychic has its origins in the ancient allegorical Greek story of Psyche, about a maiden named, Psyche, (pronounced “sigh-key) who was loved by Eros. Psyche later became the personification of the soul.

Psychic as we use it today refers to sensing things through extrasensory and nonphysical processes such as clairvoyance and telepathy.  A psychic picks up information that is not accessed through ordinary physical means.

Are you psychic?

These extrasensory means are of various types including telepathy (knowing thoughts of others through non-ordinary physical means) and the “clairs-“, most commonly:

  • Clairvoyance (seeing with the inner eye or having visions)

Have you ever had an inner vision of an event that later happened?

  • Clair audience (hearing beyond normal physical hearing),

Have you ever heard something in your head that came out of nowhere and later proved to be accurate?

  • Clairsentience (a clear inner knowing that arises without an external source).

Have you ever just known that the phone was going to ring when you weren’t expecting a call?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions then you are psychic!


How do psychics help?

Psychics can provide information that could serve in a number of ways. For example:

  • Provide insight
  • Uncover useful information
  • Have visions of future outcomes
  • Provide clarity
  • Reveal new possibilities
  • Find lost objects


Psychic rock stars.

Not everyone has strong psychic capabilities at the ready. Just like any gift or talent, some people possess uber-talents that stand out from the crowd.  Anyone can sing, but not all of us are star quality vocalists (think Sting, Katy Perry, Andrea Bocelli, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga…you get the picture).


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Psychic development.

Vocalists, athletes, and others who have some degree of a gift or talent can further develop and enhance their abilities. The same is true for psychic ability.  It can be enhanced and developed through regular spiritual practice, lessons, practice circles, and coaching.

Some psychics have been aware of their gifts during most of their lives while others become aware at a later date. It can dawn on someone all at once or gradually over time.  Either way, what an incredible discovery!


Tip of the iceberg.

The terms, psychic and intuitive, are often used interchangeably. Best not to get hung up on this… both are amazing and serve us well when used respectfully and with gratitude.

An exploration of our own intuitive abilities and psychic powers can open up new perspectives and possibilities. These fascinating capabilities are on the frontier of knowledge.

What we are aware of might just be the tiny garage-sized tip of a Rhode Island-sized iceberg!  We can use intuition and psychic powers to explore the vast treasures that lie within us. Each of us has innate intuitive abilities. And anyone with some degree of psychic ability can nurture and develop it.  


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Differences are not divisions.

Intuitive and psychic abilities differ from one another. They complement one another. Now that you know the difference, use the terms interchangeably if you choose.

Intuition is our everyday GPS. Psychic gifts are our link with the invisible energies that go beyond our ordinary senses. I how that you enjoy your magnificent gifts!

Take care and may your Divine Spirit guide you today and always.